Seqrite Endpoint Security

Endpoint Security (EPS)

With an ever-evolving threat of ransomware, the endpoint security suite offers cutting-edge protection to your network and connected devices. We at Seqrite focus on software data security and provide businesses with the right tools to ensure data protection for a secured enterprise. From detection scans to asset management, Seqrite Endpoint Security products ensure complete network protection to address cyber threats.

  • Cutting-Edge Protection: Staying up-to-date with the latest security threats and vulnerabilities is essential in the battle against ransomware.

  • Software Data Security:Protecting sensitive data is a top priority for businesses. Ensuring that data is secure within software applications and across the network is essential for compliance and overall cybersecurity.

Key Benefits of Endpoint Security Software

Endpoint Threat Hunting

With Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR), discover and neutralize potential threats and proactively help report such vulnerabilities in line with compliance.

Comprehensive endpoint and data protection

360-degree data security for businesses of all sizes. Comprehensive endpoint and data protection in one integrated solution.

Higher scalability and enhanced security

Higher scalability and enhanced security for Windows and Mac platforms. Supports Linux-based systems as well.

Patch management

Simplified and centralized patch management strategy for higher productivity and robust security.

Advanced endpoint protection

Advanced endpoint protection with antivirus, intrusion detection, firewall and more.

Proactive scanning

Proactive scanning of installed applications to detect unforeseen vulnerabilities and reduce unauthorized installations.


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