Symantec Enterprise Cloud

Symantec Enterprise Cloud

Symantec Enterprise Cloud delivers data-centric hybrid security for the largest, most complex organizations in the world – on devices, in private data centers, and in the cloud.

  • Consistent Compliance: Apply and manage compliance controls consistently across the infrastructure.

  • Secure Remote Work: Protect critical enterprise assets wherever they live and from wherever they are accessed.

  • Data and Threat Protection Everywhere: Unify intelligence across control points to detect, block, and remediate targeted attacks.

Continued Innovation from a Trusted Name

Symantec, entering its fifth decade, is an established cybersecurity leader with a long record of accomplishment. As part of Broadcom, Symantec partners with the world’s preeminent companies delivering innovative solutions — by creating, acquiring, integrating and extending cutting-edge cybersecurity technologies, and by anticipating and aligning with security frameworks like Zero Trust and SASE.

Threat and Data Protection Innovation

Symantec focuses on innovation in areas most critical for enterprise customers — Threat and Data Protection. Our modern approach helps customers stay ahead of threats, simplify security operations, and protect people and data anywhere, across all types of devices. Built for the future, Symantec Enterprise Cloud solves tomorrow’s security challenges today.

Artificial Intelligence in Cybersecurity

Generative AI burst into the world, showcasing what new things were possible with artificial intelligence. The speed by which it was adopted outside of technology circles was so fast that it left many questions for many people—we see the value of Generative AI but are there big risks? Read Symantec’s perspective on the risks and rewards of artificial intelligence.